Biography of the artist Lorenzo Monegato

I am a self-taught emerging artist, not attending schools or art academies, to freely express my artistic ideas, based in Milan, Italy.

I manifested my natural talent for drawing and painting at the age of 6, with my first works with acrylic and watercolor on cardboard and then switched in adulthood to oil on canvas, demonstrating a singular expressive power.

I made my debut in September 2013 at the Chianciano Terme Biennale, selected by the prestigious Gagliardi Gallery in London and with a mention in the New York Times newspaper, beginning an artistic journey of continuous evolutionary growth.

Initially I began with a long series of portraits of metropolitan imaginary female figures of a cubic - futurist character, with a wide palette of contrasting warm and cold colors.

In March 2014 I had my first solo exhibition in Rome at the gallery "Il Collezionista."

After that I continued the production with abstract urban architectural works, with a play of aerial perspectives, again with my explosive color palette, which I exhibited at my solo show in New York at Artifact Gallery in July 2015.

After the American experience, I exhibited the complete series of my artistic repertoire at the solo exhibition in Lugano at Finter Bank in late 2015.


In January 2018 I returned with my solo exhibition in Italy in Milan at the historical venue of the Bagutta GalleriArteBagutta association in the Brera area.

I have exhibited in the best International Fairs In Italy (Padova, Genova, Forlì, Pavia, Parma) and in the world (Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Innsbruck, Monaco); one of my works was auctioned at Sotheby's Lugano in June 2015 and the proceeds given to the Monegasque Grace Kelly Foundation.

I have been reviewed and published in several internationally circulated Art Magazines and Volumes and have received numerous artistic awards.

My works are in numerous public and private collections in Italy and around the world.


Main exhibits:


September 2013


Chianciano Terme Biennial 2013 - Chianciano Terme Art Museum from 7 to 14 September


January 2014


10th Rome Biennale 2014 Sale del Bramante - Piazza del Popolo, Rome from 21 to 30 January


February 2014


Verona Biennale Creativity 2014 Palaexpo of Verona from 12 to 16 February 2014


March 2014


Personal exhibition at "Il Collezionista" Gallery - Rome from 7 to 20 March


April 2014


Collective exhibition "The art of telling stories" Gallery "La Telaccia" - Turin from 29 April to 8 May


June 2014


Collective Exhibition " EGOS VII" ROA Gallery - London from 16 to 22 June


September 2014


Spoleto International Art Fair - Monumental Complex San Nicolò Spoleto 26/29 September


October 2014


"World Wide Art LA" International Fair Convention Center - Los Angeles 16-19 October


"Art Shop Carrousel de Louvre" International Fair - Carrousel Palace of Louvre - Paris 24-26 October


November 2014


"Arte Forlì" International Fair - Palaexpo Forlì Fiere 7-10 November


"Arte Padova" International Fair - Palaexpo Padova 14-17 November


  December 2014


International Fair "Spectrum Miami Art Fair" - Midtown in Miami 3-7 December


Collective Exhibition in St. Petersburg - Central Gallery of the Union of Artists (former Leningrad Gallery) in St. Petersburg from 22 December 2014 to 6 January 2015


February 2015


Personal Exhibition in Lugano - Santabbondio Restaurant in Lugano from February 3rd to March 27th


ArteGenova 2015 - Palazzo Expò Genoa from 13 to 16 February


Art Innsbruck 2015 - Palazzo Expo Innsbruck from 20 to 23 February


April 2015


Paviart 2015 International Fair - Palazzo Esposizioni Pavia 25-26 April


June 2015


Donation of a work to the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation. The work will be auctioned by Sotheby's at the Spring Ball evening on 5 June in Lugano Villa Principe Leopoldo and the proceeds will be donated to the Monegasque foundation


July 2015


Personal Exhibition "Metropolis" in New York - Artifact Gallery in New York Manhattan district - from 8 to 26 July


Art Monaco 2015 - The Contemporary Art in French Rivera - Monte Carlo 9/12 July 2015


October 2015


Art Parma Fair - International Art Fair Parma - Parma Exhibition Center - 3/4 and 9/10/11 October 2015


November 2015


Personal Exhibition "Metropolis" in Lugano - Finter Bank Zurick in Lugano from 13 November to 8 January 2016


December 2015


Permanent Personal Exhibition - Ogio Restaurant Caffè Contemporaneo - Campo dei Gesuiti - Cannareggio 4877 - Venice from 7 December 2015 to 25 April 2016


April 2016


Paviart 2016 - International Contemporary Art Fair - Palazzo Esposizioni Pavia, 2 and 3 April


October 2016


ArteParma 2016 - International Contemporary Art Fair - Fiere di Parma, 1-2 and 7-8-9 October


January 2017


ArtePiacenza 2017 - International Contemporary Art Fair - Piacenza Fairs - 14/15/16 January


April 2017


Paviart 2017 - International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair - Palazzo Esposizioni Pavia 8-9 April


October 2017


Biennial of Artists ARS Incognita - Stupinigi Hunting Lodge (Turin) 5-9 October


January 2018


Personal Exhibition "Metropolis" in Milan Garibaldi 14 - Exhibition space Cultural Group Artists Bagutta -


from 8 January to 23 January 2018




Definitive stay Innside Hotel Torre Galfa Milan - 10th floor - Innside by Melià private collection

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